WOOOHOOO! Our New Community Swing Is Complete

It took a while because of the pandemic, but Max and his talented team of structure builders from London Play Designs have finally completed the Inclusive Community Play Swing that takes pride of place on the adventure  playground.  The swing was funded by The Postcode Local Trust Fund and we cannot be more grateful to them for supporting our adventure and providing our children of mixed abilities a swing that they can all play on, together or on their own. Kicking back in the hot sun one at a time, or playing together on cold winter nights keeping warm by getting the swing to go as high as it can.  The swing can fit as many as eight small children or five bigger kids.  It’ll make a huge difference to the many children with varying abilities and additional needs that use Hornimans.

Max’s team built the overall structure as a traditional adventure playground structure, using eco-friendly building methods as with all our structures on our playground.  The children are excited and happy to finally get to use the swing.  We can only thank The Postcode Local Trust for providing us with the funding to create this well needed swing to our playground.


Children’s responses;

‘Can I sleep on it overnight?’ Mena 10 yrs

‘I prefer it to the Tango swing…For now anyway’ Jack 13 yrs

Postcode Local Trust