Throughout our website will give you an idea of the activities and workshops that the playworkers provide.  Our activities are designed to promote creativity, imagination, self-expression and opportunity to all children. These are just a few of the activities we provide at Hornimans for our registered members. Programmed activities change.



Clay, paper, wire, wood, scrap, cardboard, natural resources, mud rock, giant sculpture, giant puppets making


Art & Crafts

Painting, mural design & painting, collage, mosaic, peg people, Native American dream catchers, mud rock, masks, hat making, enamelling, t-shirt design and printing, face painting, jewellery making, friendship bracelets, printing, greeting cards, frame design, pottery, candle making, designing and painting outdoor structures, backdrops, theatre making, box theatre making, puppets, flower making from 6ft to 6″, design project – computerised design on the mac and learning how to burn screen with your design and printing.

Costume Design & Making

Applique, sewing, bag making, ‘Rewind’ (revamping old clothes), blanket making, cushions, fashion shows, carnival costumes.



Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, rounder’s, footie rounder’s, assault courses, basketball, champ, hockey, in door hockey, dodge ball, ball it, fitness with equipment.



Our wonderful volunteer Amina has been looking after our quiet garden and running activities with our children for a few years now and has created a glorious tranquil space for reflection and mindfulness. A place to just be.. We run a grow It Yourself project, where we grow fruit and vegetables which are used in our kitchen for our cooking sessions with the children.


Book Corner

Books galore to sit and read with a play worker or on your own in the Book Nook, in summer in the quiet garden area or in the Music room. Children are welcome to borrow the books, we encouraging this.

Music, Life skill, Drama and Games

Role Play, writing & creating plays, rehearsals, performance, board games, group quizzes, young people’s forum, discussion groups.  Support with applications, guidance. Music is always playing at Hornimans, we love to sing together on the adventure playground – come and join in.



Images used are with permission from parents.  Images used show the playground throughout our history.   See if you can spot yourself or familiar faces.