The Old Playground

Hornimans was started way back in 1969.  Parents came together with the local community and started building structures with the children so that the children in the area had a place to come and play in a space that was theirs and where adults didn’t have the only say.  As time went on, more structures were added to the area of land and a committee was put together, staff were employed to monitor the play area and work with the children and young people to ensure that it was used as a safe adventurous space.  Animals always featured a big part of Hornimans and in those days, there was a three legged sheep and one goat.  As time moved on, rabbits, ducks, chickens, more goats and guinea pigs were added. We now only have three pigmy goats.

More info will be added about the history of Hornimans as we begin to fill the site with content. We have tons and tons of pictures taken from years ago, some of which over the years may have been torn or destroyed, or ‘borrowed’. But there are lots left and somehow, we would like to be able to get those images out there so that anyone who used to come here in the good old days, could possibly see himself or herself or people they played with back then. It’s a part of the history of Hornimans that is very important. Hopefully some of these images can be added onto this website.

Over time we want to be able to ensure that these images are archived somewhere online so that in the future anyone who was a member here can access them. We will keep you posted when we find a safe way of doing this.