consent form

SAFEGUARDING ONLINE; please complete this form in full if you are a registered member of Hornimans APG. The online activities we are presently piloting are strictly for children and young people who have been members of our playground FOR OVER THE PERIOD OF 1 MONTH. We need you to update this APPENDIX A form to ensure we can reach you as parents once the form has been filled and emailed to dropped into our post-box on the Big Green Gate. A staff member will call you to confirm you want your child to take part. Be aware of the conditions in place to safeguard your child. Forms not fully completed will not receive a phone call. Please be aware these activities are being trailed whilst the playground is closed. We hope with support that they will be successful way to keep your child supported and engaged. Please ensure that all sections of this form are filled out correctly, children will not be able to use the play facility if it is not.
To use this online facility your child MUST be a registered member of this adventure and be known by the staff team.
For use to email them Zoom invites for Activities online. if you have 2 or more children they can join zoom together with one link invite.
We make every effort to provide for each individual child and support opportunities for play, and for that reason it is important for us to know if your child has any special needs. I f Yes please give brief details.
Incase we need to contact you and you’re not available. Please complete all boxes and ensure emergency contact lives locally. Phone numbers will be checked.
Parental Consent: I undersigned have understood the purpose of the above information and give my consent for my child to become a member of Hornimans Adventure Playground and take part in activities. Print name. We will be in contact with you to confirm.
The Big Green Gates, 32 Southern Row, North Kensington, London, W10 5AN CHARITY NO. 802220 Commissioned by RBK&C These forms are kept on file for the purpose of staff being able to contact you in case of an emergency. For fundraising purposes Hornimans APG collate data to gather statistics such as post code, age, gender. (No names or addresses are used)