Under 5’s

Children must be 5 years from the 1st September following their 5th birthday to be registered as members, this means that your 5 year old should be in year one.

We are not suitable for early years children as many of the structures are big in size and take some mastering.  That’s not saying that the smaller children find it quite easy once they have been coming here for a while to use different structures.  Children have different ability levels and you may think your child is one who can cope in this environment. We only register children who are school aged 5 in their first year of school.

Some children who are 5 look much younger, so please do not feel offended if we ask to see the child’s birth certificate or ask the birth date, if they are on the play structures. If you stay on site with your under 5, you do not have to register your child as a member, but you must stay with them at all times and not leave the adventure playground. They’re welcome to visit our goats, but must not to use the structures until they reach the age we work with.