What Is Open Access?

Hornimans is open access – this means that children are free to enter and can come and go as they please during the opening times.  the gates stay open during opening times and are not manned by staff. We are open after school, on Saturdays and during the holiday periods.  Children can decide for themselves what they do here at Hornimans (within reasonable boundaries) and can control their own play.  From joining in activities and workshops or playing on the structures, playing games, cards or dressing up.

This may not be a suitable play facility for all children because of the open gate policy, but as a parent you are best informed whether it’s suitable for your child.

We do our utmost as staff to keep an eye on all the children who come here and if parents have requested that their child does not leave the site, they are told to ensure that the child is also aware that these are their instructions.  We find it best that the child is spoken to with the parent and play workers, so everyone is clear.  PLEASE remember we have lots of other children who also use this facility, and keep an eye on a child that decides to leave the site can be difficult.  Most of the children happily stay inside the adventure playground.

There are play centres in the borough that are not open access and may be more suitable depending on what you think your child needs.  Please view RBK&C’s website.

Please note that whilst we’re all still dealing with the pandemic, the policy is to keep the gates closed to monitor numbers.  The playground still has covid rules in place to protect children and staff. Risk assessments are carried out daily.